Authentic Mexican Cuisine


All the tortas have mayonnaise, avocado, onions, jalapeños and tomatoes.

Torta (Sandwiches)

Jamon con queso(Ham and cheese)


Torta Pork Carnitas


Torta Carne Asada and Cheese


Kiko's Torta.

Try Our Special Kiko's Torta made with Carne Asada, Cheese, Chorizo, Ham and Egg.



Huaraches (each)

(Handmade tortillas with cheese , beans and lettuce and your choice of meat: Steak , seasoned pork (carnitas), Tongue, Chicken, Pork rinds, Plain.



Street Tacos $3.25 (Each)Asada, Pastor,Lengua,Carnitas, Chorizo

Authentic Mexican tacos made with soft corn tortillas, chopped onions and cilantro.( Steak, Season pork, tongue, pork, Mexican sausage) , Chicken and Chicharron.


Mexican Quesadillas

Handmade corn tortilla quesadilla served with fresh cheese and lettuce. (Steak, season pork , carnitas, tongue, chicken, pork rinds, or mushrooms.




Pozole(pork soup)$15.99, Caldo de Res (Oax tail soup)$16.99 Birria de Res$16.99, Tampico Soup(Seafood Soup)$20.99



(Originales $ 13.99) ( de Steak $14.99)( De pollo $13.99)


Tostada De Camarón

Shrimp ceviche tostada.


Birria Tacos

(Order of 3 Tacos)



Handmade corn tortilla filled with cheese and birria meat. Served with a bowl of birria's broth.


Ceviche Plate

Shrimp ceviche. ** Consuming Raw Or Undercooked Meats , Poultry, Seafood ,Shellfish Or Eggs May Increase You Risk Of Foodborne Illnes**


Veracruz Shrimp

Veracruz Shrimp grilled to perfection. Served on a bed of White Rice with grilled veggies seasoned to keep your taste buds wanting more.


Lucas Burguer

A hand crafted Lucas cheese- chorizo burguer topped with onions, bacon,mushrooms and fresh avocado. Accompanied with seasoned french fries.


Steak a la Mexicana

Marinated chopped steak and bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Served with refried beans , rice & guacamole salad. Flour tortillas on the side.